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In addition to providing great support for the most popular plugins like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Yoast and WPML, we also work hard to build amazing plugins for you. They're designed to integrate specifically with our themes, giving you all the tools you need to create an amazing WordPress website.

Plugin Version Downloads Created Last Updated Description
Theme Blvd Layout Builder 2.1.1 91,640 09-04-2012 02-18-2017 When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom layouts.
Theme Blvd Shortcodes 1.6.1 69,962 09-06-2012 02-17-2017 This plugin works in conjunction with the Theme Blvd framework to create shortcodes for many of the framework's internal elements.
Theme Blvd Importer 1.0.3 4,234 09-21-2015 01-09-2017 A free plugin that integrates some helpful import/export functionality into Theme Blvd themes.
Theme Blvd Featured Image Link Override 2.0.4 5,152 06-03-2012 12-16-2016 When using a theme with Theme Blvd framework version 2.1+, this plugin allows you to set featured image link options globally throughout your site.
Portfolios 1.1.4 11,561 08-01-2013 09-11-2016 Adds a "Portfolio Item" custom post type with associated "Portfolio" and "Porfolio Tag" taxonomies.
Jump Start Banners 1.0.0 162 04-23-2016 04-23-2016 Restores the banner functionality from Jump Start v2.0, when updating to v2.1+.
Tweeple 0.9.4 52,053 06-18-2013 01-28-2016 Setup Twitter feeds to pull a user's public timeline, public list, favorite tweets, or a custom search term, phrase, or hashtag.
Simple Analytics 1.0.3 10,783 08-01-2013 09-15-2015 A simple plugin to include your Google Analytics tracking.
Theme Blvd Image Sizes 1.1.1 6,639 02-02-2012 09-07-2015 When using a theme with Theme Blvd Framework version 2.2+, this plugin allows you to change your theme's image sizes.
Theme Blvd String Swap 1.0.8 5,347 01-30-2012 09-07-2015 When using a theme with Theme Blvd framework version 2.0+, this plugin is will allow to translate strings you see on the frontend of your website.
Theme Blvd Widget Pack 1.0.5 37,072 09-04-2012 08-18-2015 When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin adds a few widgets to extend some of the functionality already built into the framework.
Theme Blvd Layouts to Posts 1.0.4 2,782 08-26-2012 05-22-2015 This plugin extends the Theme Blvd Layout Builder so you can assign your custom templates to standard posts and custom post types.
Theme Blvd Widget Areas 1.2.4 44,081 09-07-2012 02-01-2015 When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin extends the framework's widget area system.
Quiet Comment Disable 1.0.0 688 02-11-2014 11-06-2014 Quietly disable comments to avoid unwanted comment spam.
Theme Blvd Post-to-Page Link 1.1.1 2,814 01-17-2012 07-14-2014 Link a post to a page to effect its breadcrumb trail when using a Theme Blvd theme.
Theme Blvd WPML Bridge 2.0.1 39,936 05-24-2012 03-20-2014 This plugin adds additional WPML compatibility for Theme Blvd themes.
Theme Blvd WooCommerce Patch 1.1.1 4,644 06-16-2012 10-15-2013 This plugins adds basic compatibility with Theme Blvd themes and WooCommerce.
Theme Blvd Post Template Options 1.0.0 672 08-01-2013 08-01-2013 This plugins adds a meta box to reveal available custom fields you can use with Post List/Grid page templates of a Theme Blvd theme.
bbPress Code Snippets 1.0.3 1,719 10-21-2012 02-18-2013 Automatically display HTML/PHP code posted in bbPress topics and replies.

Note: The plugins listed above were all created, and are currently maintained by, Theme Blvd. Our featured, and most highly recommended, plugins are highlighted in yellow. Plugins for WooCommerce and WPML compatibility are only required for older, framework v2.4.x themes.