I’m happy to announce that after a long journey, Jump Start 2 is finally here… and free for all current Jump Start customers 🙂

It’s available for free to all current customers with an active license, and most importantly, will continue to be sold exclusively at the newly updated wpjumpstart.com. Simply go to the Downloads page under your account here on the support site, and you’ll see your new downloadable products.

Jump Start 2.0.0 marks giant step forward for the Theme Blvd framework, and thus is a huge update that shouldn’t be taken lightly, if you were previously making updates from a child theme. Most importantly, the entire frontend styling has been re-written, which will involve most of your styling customizations from a child theme to be redone. Please update responsibly in a staging environment to make required modifications to your child theme, before doing it on your live website.

Full Changelog: https://themeblvd.com/changelog/?theme=jumpstart

Theme Demos: http://demo.themeblvd.com?theme=jumpstart

Frequently Asked Questions: http://wpjumpstart.com/faq/

Pricing and Licensing

All should be pretty straight forward here, as nothing has really changed.

The Jump Start WordPress theme, itself, is licensed under GPL. And with the purchase amount of $65, you have received a license for support and access to updates, for the term of one year. This applies to an unlimited number of websites, which are operated and controlled by you, the license holder.

Update 6/25/2016: Jump Start licenses now cost $89/year and can be renewed with a 25% discount.

After this term has finished, you will need to renew your license, in order to continue receiving updates and support.

Full Terms: http://wpjumpstart.com/terms

Updating from a Jump Start 2 beta, RC, or development version

If updating from a development, beta, or RC version of Jump Start 2:

  • You must update to the latest version of the Layout Builder plugin.
  • You must reconfigure options of any “Hero Unit” (previously named Jumbotron) used in Builder.
  • You must reconfigure any selections for “Responsive Visibility” display options in Builder.
  • You must reconfigure any Typography options on your theme options page.

Updating from Jump Start v1

Here are some important things to note if you’re moving from using Jump Start v1:

  • Make sure all of your Theme Blvd plugins are up-to-date.
  • The frontend styling and CSS has been completely redesigned. Make sure to take that into account if your child theme contains CSS customizations. Most CSS in your child theme that was written for Jump Start v1 is not going to work the same with v2.
  • All main template files like header.php, footer.php, single.php, etc, have been changed. All template part files like content.php, content-list.php, etc, have been changed. So, make sure to account for this if you have copies of these files in your child theme.
  • Image crop sizes have very much changed. So make sure to run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for images that are already uploaded to your site.
  • There is no more option on your Theme Options page for assigning a homepage layout. You must add your layout to a static page and set that as your front page from WP Admin > Settings > Reading > Front page displays.

Jump Start v1 Support

Is Jump Start v1 still supported?

We understand that the move from Jump Start v1 to v2 is a big one, and will result in many child theme redesigns. So for now, yes Jump Start v1 is still being supported. Over the course of Winter 2015-2016, we will be slowly phasing out support for Jump Start v1.

Can I still download Jump Start v1?

Jump Start v1 will continue to be available with your Downloads at support.themeblvd.com, while we’re phasing out support over the course of Winter 2015-2016.

If a patch update is posted for Jump Start v1, how can I update?

While Jump Start v1 is available to download manually, it is not supported through our WordPress in-dashboard update system. If you’re still running Jump Start v1, and need to update to the latest v1.x, you will need to do it manually.

See “Manual Updates” here: Jump Start Updates