This article outlines some important things to note before updating from Jump Start 2.0 to 2.1.

New theme base

Under Appearance > Theme Base, there is a new base called “Agent” — It currently adds the most changes to the default theme styling out of all the bases. It focuses on a more open design, with a bit less user options than the other theme bases.

New theme demos

The default demo has been updated to use this new Agent base. There are also two new demos using it, Demo #8 and Demo #9. Also, there is a new Demo #10 using the Entrepreneur base, which is setup to be an Interior Design studio website. And lastly, there is now a developer demo, which shows the theme in the Developer base with no layout builder or extra frills. All new demo data can be found in your “All Files and Documentation” download ZIP.

Banner functionality removed

The functionality for adding banners to your pages and posts has been removed, in favor of new options for displaying the WordPress featured image. When editing a page or post, see Page/Post Options > Featured Image Display.

If your site currently relies on utilizing banners, and you’re looking for a quick way to restore them in the old way, you can install this plugin.

New typography options

Typography options have gone through some changes. This includes a wider variety of typography-related options and the highly anticipated ability to use Adobe TypeKit.

So if you’re not using the Developer base, make sure to checkout Appearance > Theme Options > Styles > Typography and fill in any of the extra options, that you like. Also, note that if your main menu font isn’t the correct color, you’ll want to setup that there, as well.

New mobile header options

The mobile header has been redesigned. Some new options have been added for this, and it’s important that you set those up.

  • Setup your mobile logo at Appearance > Theme Options > Layout > Mobile Header.
  • Setup mobile header background color at Appearance > Theme Options > Styles > Mobile Header (doesn’t apply to Developer base).

Custom layout style changes

There have been many, minor styling adjustments made to custom layouts built with the Theme Blvd Layout Builder. A lot of elements have received minor design tweaks, and elements and sections have been generally styled to have more space and openness, by default.

So, just make sure to double-check your pages using custom layouts, and make sure everything looks the way you want.

Old Internet Explorer support removed

While you’ll find basic little IE fixes here and there in the theme, we’ve decided to follow suit with most of the other popular WordPress theme shops and only officially support the latest Internet Explorer. See updated browser-compatibility terms.

Localization text-domain changed

For those relying on WordPress localization to translate their website, take note that the text-domain has been changed from themeblvd to jumpstart to meet localization standards.